Our Mexican Escape


IMG_0101Xanadu was Kublai Khan’s summer capital during the Yuan dynasty in China. Xanadu is also the name of a very bad movie made in the 1980’s. The only good thing that came from the musical flop starring Olivia Newton-John and the Bee Gees was the name and concept of “Xanadu”. It evoke’s both mystery and fantasy with the promise of dreams come true.

I also have a summer home that I escape to each year, but it’s not in China.

Twelve years ago my husband and I flew to Mazatlan, Mexico with our thirteen year old daughter for a quick vacation. Four days of fun, sand and surf, amazing food, balmy breezes, and crystal swimming pools made us realize we’d found our perfect getaway. So we took a bit of Mazatlan home with us in the form of a timeshare.

One of the best decisions ever!

IMG_3431Mazatlan is our home away from home. We love the people, continually revel in the beauty of the resort and the sunsets, and enjoy exploring the food and the city—but it’s the peace and quiet that brings us back each year.

IMG_0124Both of our professions involve lots of people, time, and being on call. The only way we really relax is to leave the country for a while. When we are in Mexico, we are truly unavailable. And it’s wonderful.

There is an old Spanish Proverb that says it all:

“How wonderful it is to do nothing, then rest afterward.”

IMG_3433Our vacation dreams come true every time we return to our Mexican escape in Mazatlan. Sometimes just knowing it’s around the corner gets us through difficult seasons of over scheduling or trying times. Once we step on that plane to fly down, the stress falls away, problems disappear, and we’re giddy with the thought of another week in paradise.

Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay is an exceptional resort in the realm of timeshares. We wouldn’t trade ours for any other in the world.

The tequila is pretty good too.


3 thoughts on “Xanadu

  1. Wonderful that you’ve found the perfect place for renewal. More folks need something like that. Even if it’s close to home, if one can get away from “it all”, it works. Good for you! xoA


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