Zoe Life

Everyone faces challenges and difficulties as we navigate life on this planet. That’s a given. How we choose to respond in the midst of these circumstances can impact our ability to move forward, and determine if we face the future with hope or despair.

Jesus said he came so we might have abundant “life”. The Greek word he used for life was “zoe“, which means: life which is full and complete, the uncreated eternal life of the spirit. He did not use “bios” life which refers to physical bone and flesh. Therefore, Jesus came so we might experience the eternal, divine life of God while we are here—not so we could have a better physical life.

Christianity is often misunderstood because its zoe (spiritual) life is judged from the viewpoint of bios (human) perspective. Christians live with a worldview that makes little sense to non-believers. They view life through a spiritual lens that enables them to partake in the comfort, wisdom, guidance and help from God that comes from being immersed in his spirit. When zoe life is infused on bios it becomes a new creation in Christ with access to tangible spiritual resources.

C.S. Lewis put it this way:

“Bios (biological) life is that life that comes to us from nature, the life that is always tending to run down and decay and needs to be nourished constantly with air, water and food. Spiritual life (Zoe), on the other hand, is the life which is in God from all eternity, which has always existed and will always exist… The difference between having bios and zoe is like the difference between a statue and a man.”

Statues are subject to all the elements of the world around them. Man has resources to protect himself and is able to move beyond unpleasant circumstances. Statues exist. Man lives.

Bios life:


Zoe life:


Which would you choose?

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