Nothing beats the glow-filled feeling of accomplishment that comes from pushing through obstacles and completing a worthwhile goal. Whether it’s a challenging physical workout when you didn’t feel like it, or persevering on a long term project that finally comes to fruition, that sense of fulfillment and satisfaction can put a grin on your face, light in your eyes, and a warm glow in your heart.

I just returned from three days in the mountains with fifteen women and fifteen hundred beads. We took multi-faceted multi-colored gems and turned them into beautiful instruments of worship that transformed our prayers and lifted our hearts into the heavenly places.

The women and I plumbed the depths of the Anglican Rosary from inception to implementation. I marveled at the creativity and tenacity each woman showed as they learned how to make Rosaries from scratch, then used them to connect with God in new and powerful ways. Surrounded by beauty and filled with the Spirit, we created, fellowshipped, laughed, cried and played together. I was truly blessed and honored to be able to lead them through this special weekend.

I’ve been to the mountaintop and back again, and though I’m exhausted physically from designing, coordinating and leading this retreat, my spirit is rejoicing and my heart is aglow with joy. It’s almost as if I can hear God saying:

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”img_0743

2 thoughts on “Glow

  1. Jenny. your retreat sounded fascinating when you were telling me about it beforehand, and I’m happy for you that all went so well. No wonder you’re glowing! This was quite an accomplishment, Hugs and thanks for sharing. xoA


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