Life is a Maze


All of us begin life with a blank slate. Or is that true? Heredity, environment, family, circumstances. Not everyone has the same starting point. Life deals a set of cards we have to play. It’s what we do with them that makes the difference.

We step into a maze of choices and reactions that set us on paths that determine our future. Whether we find dead ends, U-turns, or open roads, it’s how we respond that influences the journey.

‘What ifs’ are futile and waste precious time.

Don’t allow voices from the past, nor paralysis over the future, to determine your forward progression. The next step is always in the present moment. Unwillingness to deal with what’s trying to get our attention now is what keeps us stuck.

We spend so much time bumping into walls and wrestling with dead ends we lose the internal awareness that can guide us successfully through this maze called life. And yet the truth of the journey is found on the inside.

It takes courage to stop and listen—because to do so means we must be willing to be wrong. Assumptions fall away and new pathways will open when our need to control morphs into curiosity with a willingness to change and move forward.

Healing comes through embracing what is. Strength is found in quiet places of surrender. Acceptance brings peace.

We never know what’s around the corner in this maze through life. We can’t control our futures or destiny—but we can choose how we respond to it all.

Therein lies the secret to a well-traveled maze and a happy life.

Choose to enjoy the journey.








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