Faith is a funny word: it tells us to believe something without proof. With everything going on in this crazy world, it’s no wonder many find it hard to do that. Much of what we see, touch, and feel these days seems temporary at best. The world is progressing at lightening speed. Things change all the time. Before we get used to the last update, there’s already a new one flashing in our faces.

To believe there’s something stable and permanent that’s unaffected by the chaotic life around us is tricky. God exists—but one has to believe He does before knowing for certain.

It’s called a leap of faith.

Faith requires surrender when most of us have built our lives around control. The funny thing is we actually have very little control over what happens to us, even on a daily basis. Fear strives to keep us bound in the physical realm with limited physical resources. But faith opens the door to unlimited spiritual help that can change lives and lift spirits when nothing else can.

When you choose to believe God exists, and that He cares about what’s happening here, your eyes will be opened to the miraculous ways He’s already impacting the world around us.

Faith in God frees us to trust that something greater than ourselves has our best interests at heart. It gives us hope even when life seems to be spiraling out of control. We don’t believe only when things are going well, but most importantly when things aren’t. That’s when faith becomes real in our lives.

Faith assures us we are not alone and that we are loved unconditionally. With faith, help comes in miraculous and unexpected ways. But there’s a catch. We have to believe in order to receive. We have to step off the cliff and trust that God will catch us.


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