Quiet Time = Surrender

For a quiet time to be truly effective it must contain the element of surrender—a complete letting go of self and focusing on God without agenda. This is where praying with a Rosary or committing to a Bible study really helps. It guides us on a journey in the spirit with complete focus on God instead of our own concerns.

When I’m in a hurry and spout off a prayer without taking time to connect with the Spirit, I’ve missed an opportunity to fill my spiritual well. God hears the prayer, but I lose the benefit of receiving—as I am praying—the knowledge, comfort, and healing of His presence.

And God’s presence is transformational. It fills us with peace, gives us strength, and opens our minds to His wisdom and direction. The longer we abide in His presence, the greater understanding we gain of how He works in our lives. Like guitar strings, our spirit get tuned to His purposes so the music we play throughout the day sheds beauty instead of discord.

When you pray—whether it’s one minute or twenty—surrender each moment to the One who  holds you in His hands—and He will take care of the rest of your day.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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