Unworthy But Willing

Heart nick-fewings-ka7REB1AJl4-unsplash

Do you feel unworthy of the calling God has placed on your heart? Well, there’s good news. None of us are worthy of the things God calls us to do. If we had to be good enough for the privilege to serve Him, no one would measure up. But being willing is different. If we are willing, God can work through us in mighty ways because He’s the one that makes things happen.

But beware of the flip side. It’s foolish to think we don’t have to do anything to be useful to God. Being willing also denotes a person who humbly seeks God in their lives. That means they are reading the Word and other spiritual books and growing in faith. They participate in the community of Christ and frequent prayer. A willing heart is active, not stagnant.

God often uses the foolish to humble the wise. When our hearts are right, like David’s was, He can elevate us from tending flocks to leading a country. David was pure-hearted and obedient and God used Him to accomplish much. How much more can He do through us if we are willing?

Those who feel unworthy need to accept the fact that we can never be good enough because we can’t earn our way into His favor. Jesus has opened the door to God’s heart. The minute we choose Him our unworthiness disappears in God’s eyes.

Let go of spiritual measurements and comparisons and place yourself willingly at God’s feet. When God asks, “Who will go?” and the Spirit moves in your heart, you can confidently answer “Here I am! Send me.”

It’s not about us and our abilities…but always about God and who He is.

Are you willing to do what He’s asking of you? Will you allow His light shine into the dark places of your heart so you might be set to love Him more? Will you choose to love when it’s difficult and stand firm when it’s unpopular? Will you do the tedious without complaining, and suffer silently when nothing works out like you thought? The results we hope to achieve are sometimes not what God intends—yet we still can trust Him, even when all seems lost.

Mary birthed the Savior of the world in a dirty stable. Our ways will never be His ways. If we try to measure how we are doing by the world’s standards, we will always fall short.

Little children don’t need to earn their parents love—we love them simply because they are ours.  Their imperfections are opportunities to teach and guide them as they grow into healthy and productive adults. God loves us because we are His. He teaches and guides us so we can be healthy and productive in His kingdom.

All it takes is a willing heart.

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